Lars Berg (b. 1959) has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the San Francisco Art Institute, and qualified as a director at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles in 1987.

Berg has directed several short films, including A Devil in the Closet for which he received first prize at the Berlin Film Festival in 2000, as well as an Norwegian National Film Award Amanda nomination. He’s also directed 20 episodes of Norways longest running soap Hotel Cæsar and and five episodes of the criminal dramaseries Fox Grønland, as well as several commercials.

Berg made his debut as a feature film director in 1995 with the action thriller Dangerous Waters, followed by the familyfilm Maya Stoneface in 1997. His third feature, Scars, received over 20 international awards, among others at Chicago International Children’s Film Festival and Berlin International Film Festivals Kinderfilmfest, where it received the prizes for best film from both the international jury and the children’s jury. East End Angels is Bergs fourth feature, and third consecutive predominantly family-oriented film.